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Leave No Room for Doubt
Global Warming is a Fact

Global warming may have been observed by our former Vice President in the 1970s but he certainly didn't invent it.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution and our daily lifestyles, the planet is getting hotter at a rate too close for comfort. Beyond the obvious signs of melting polar ice caps and winters that sport 60-degree days, climates are changing in unexpected ways all around the world. Read on...

Buy Green Products

Install New Light Bulbs - CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) are the way to go. I know you've heard this before but watch this video and you'll be convinced why you should.

Change Your Toilet Paper - We are literally cutting down trees to wipe ourselves! Seventh Generation and other companies are producing toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper that looks and feels like its environmentally unfriendly counterpart. Learn more...

Global Warming
News Headlines

The Time for Change is Now

From sandstorms in China to the depletion of Lake Mead and other worldwide water sources, the impact of human consumption and convenience can be felt everywhere. Don't be fooled by complacent political leaders who blame the cyclical changes on Mother Nature and shun all personal responsibility. Just as spending money foolishly adds up over time and results in long-term debt, so does waste and excessive human consumption wreak havoc on the environment.

Recycle Everything and Anything You Can - When it comes to paper products, cans, jars, plastic bags, and more, most of your garbage can be recycled - not thrown away.

Deforestation is a Problem of Epic Proportions

Deforestation and climate change pose a clear and present danger by threatening every single species on the planet. Scientists around the globe have been issuing urgent warnings that leaders simply cannot ignore.

What You Can Do
There are lots of ways you can help the environment without traveling to the rainforests and hugging a tree. Read on...

Take the Earth Cool Challenge

See if your company or those you support are Earth Cool compliant.

Here's How
Visit your ten favorite stores over the next two weeks and take notes.

Ask the store manager about their recycling policies, find out what kind of recycled materials they use, and observe on your own. Write to Earth Cool and we'll do the rest! Learn more...